Rabu, 11 Juni 2014

Tugas Bahasa Inggris bisnis bulan Juni 2014

EXERCISE 33 : correct the errors
1. I used to kick my sister's legs

2. We had a test last week, and I passed it

3. I don't like the food in the United State

4.      I used to get up at noon, but now I have to be at work by eight.

5.      I study hard everyday, but my English is not been improved.

6.      Everyone enjoy this English classes.

7.      At the picnic, we sing a song and talk to each other.

8.      I learned English in my school in Hong Kong before I come here.

9.      I like to travel. I’m gonna go to new and interesting places all my life.

10.  Now I study at this school and I was living with my cousin. I always meet my friends in the cafeteria and we were talking about our classes.

11.  When I wake up in the morning. I was turning on the radio. Before getting up.

12.  I’m living with an American family. They are having four children.

13.  When I was at the outdoor market, I pointed at the chicken I wanted to buy. The man was taking it from a wooden cage and killed it without mercy.

14.  Every day I wake up when the birds begin to sing. If the weather not too cloudy, I could see a beautiful sunrise from my bed.

15.  My husband and children they are going to join me after I finish my English course.